Four Reasons The Sacramento Kings Deserve National TV Broadcast

The Sacramento Kings deserve a national TV broadcast, and I give you four of my reasons why! The 2021-22 Sacramento Kings schedule does NOT include any nationally televised games. The last time the Kings even sniffed an opportunity at a nationally broadcast game was March 11, 2020. That game was scheduled to be televised on ESPN, against Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans. Unfortunately, the game was canceled minutes before tip-off. This was a historical moment, as one of the first ‘major events’ in the USA to be canceled to due COVID-19.

The Kings and Pelicans were neck-and-neck for the final playoff spot in the NBA western conference. At the time, I lived in Chico, CA … I was getting off of work at Sierra Nevada Brewery, and my biggest worry was where to watch the game! My buddies and I were debating all day whether to go watch it at the old school, local watering hole, ‘The Oasis’, or in the backyard, chill zone dubbed ‘Kings Klub’.

Below I list four reasons the Sacramento Kings should have at least ONE nationally televised game this season.

1. SacTown 5-0

The blooming duo dubbed ‘SacTown 5-0’, consisting of Tyrese Haliburton and De’Aaron Fox, is going to be the core of what Sacramento builds their team around going forward. And they are becoming one of the most exciting tandems to watch in ALL of the NBA.

That guard-centric construction plan isn’t new to previous Sactown hoops architects. Historically, guard play has been a KEY building block for Kings basketball teams. A list that includes guards Oscar Robertson, Kenny Smith, Reggie Theus, Mitch Richmond, Jason Williams, Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans … maybe even Rajon Rondo, and Isaiah Thomas.

The roles these two can play are numerous! They can play together, either one assuming the point guard role, when situationally dependent. They can also keep the Kings on track when one of the duo needs to go out of the game, or take a game off. Keeping these two fresh, healthy, and progressing will be key to the Sacramento Kings success, acutely and chronically!

Whether you like high-quality individual hoopers, a hungry team, or have a love for rooting for the underdog – you will want to check out the 2021-22 Sacramento Kings and their young leaders ‘Sactown 5-0’.

2. ‘Off Night’ Mitchell

Davion Mitchell was perhaps the STEAL of the 2021 NBA draft. Mitchell was selected by the Kings 9th overall, a selection that Kings fans will have a hard time getting DEFENSIVE about, especially if they LOCKDOWN a playoff spot this season and beyond … (yes, puns heavily intended).

Mitchell has been a winner on every level, from high school, to NCAA hoops, now to 2021 NBA Summer League champs! A small excerpt from the Baylor Bears men’s basketball bio of Mitchell, “2021 National Defensive Player of the Year, All-American and two-time All-Big 12 honoree, nicknamed “Off Night” for the reputation of forcing player he’s defending into having an off night.” The Kings and general manager Monte McNair seem to have struck gold in back-to-back drafts, drafting Haliburton 12th overall in 2020.

Mitchell adds a NEEDED defensive intensity and mindset to the Sacramento Kings. During the past few seasons, especially 2020-21, the Kings have been one of the worst defensive teams in NBA history. The consistent, inconsistency on defense was one of the main reasons the Kings could not get it together for a playoff/play-in run. The Sacramento Kings ‘culture’ seems to be undergoing a positive change, and I think all Kings fans can get in a defensive stance to that! Hands up!

3. Richaun Holmes

Richaun Holmes has a great story, attitude, work ethic, and skills to back it all up! There was some sweat-inducing speculation about Holmes potentially leaving for more free agent money outside of SacTown this offseason. Fortunately, he stayed Holmes, sweet Holmes! Earning a nice 4 year/46$ million dollar deal with the Sacramento Kings.

Before landing in SacTown, Holmes was a relatively unknown big man, spending his first three seasons with Philadelphia and one with Phoenix. Former Kings general manager Vlade Divac gave the free agent Holmes a shot in 2019, and that turned out to be one of the best free-agent signings in … well … Sacramento Kings history?!

During the 2020-21 season, Holmes averaged 14.2 points, 8.3 rebounds, 29.2 minutes per game. That was while ranking second in the NBA in FG% – 63.7%! The Richaun Holmes floater … it’s hotter than a summertime float down the American River, on a toasty 916 day! Most of the NBA is sadly unaware of how deadly Holmes’ floater can be … and a few national broadcasts would help that immensely! In the meantime, here is a Richaun Holmes FLOATER mixtape.

If and WHEN given the opportunity, the NBA nation would fall in love with Holmes, his style of play, his humble, hardworking attitude, and his passionate mom, Lydecia Holmes! Richaun’s mom, Dr. Lydecia Holmes, has won over the hearts of Sacramento Kings fans with her passionate fanfare and post-game interviews. Whether it’s Holmes’ attitude, style of play, or side stories – he is one major reason to tune into the Sacramento Kings!

4. Underdog Story

And one final reason to watch the Sacramento Kings … they are a great underdog story. The franchise was robbed in 2002, almost shipped out of town 2006-13, and has not made the post-season since 2006. Unfortunately, 15 years of playoff-less basketball might write off the Kings to some national NBA fans. Though, in my opinion, it should be a reason to jump on board to a comeback, rags-to-riches, type story! And speaking of money … I hear the gambling odds are in our favor … should I put my money where my mouth is?

What Do YOU Think?

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Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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