Sacramento Kings Offseason Improvements: Big Men

Most of the talk, regionally and nationally, claim that the Sacramento Kings did not do much of anything in the offseason to improve. I BEG to differ! Since the 2020-21 NBA trade deadline and during this offseason, I think the Kings have made moves to improve, with the ultimate goal of making the playoffs forContinue reading “Sacramento Kings Offseason Improvements: Big Men”

Two Sacramento Monarchs Named to ‘W25’ WNBA All-Time Team

The WNBA is celebrating its 25th birthday this season. To honor the occasion, they released the ‘W25’, the latest list of the ’25 greatest and most influential WNBA players of all time’. Among the 25 honorees, two Sacramento Monarchs legends, Yolanda Griffith and Ticha Penichiero were selected to the team. The complete ‘W25’ list isContinue reading “Two Sacramento Monarchs Named to ‘W25’ WNBA All-Time Team”