Tom’s Top Three: Sacramento Kings Content

In today’s sports world, there are MANY ways to eat up your favorite sports media voices. Classic consumption methods may include nostalgic AM radio, newspaper, magazine, cable television. Or maybe you enjoy the more new-age styles including podcasts, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and more! Regardless, it can be exciting and overwhelming when chewing up your favorite Sac Kings content!

Ahead I will outline a few of my FAVORITE Sacramento Kings ‘shows’, why I love them, interesting info, how you can listen/watch, and more!

D-Lo & KC

D-Lo & KC airs Monday through Friday Noon – 4pm on 1320am radio in Sacramento. When I’m cruising around in my 1996 Ford Ranger ‘Chuck the Truck’, I usually tune into D-Lo and KC on classic AM radio. When the dial gets a little fuzzy, I usually listen on their Twitch or YouTube channel. The ‘Chat House’ adds a fun, community aspect to the show. The chat is regularly referenced by the show’s hosts, Damien and Kenny, for its… unique enthusiasm.

I enjoy listening to D-Lo & KC for many reasons.

The dynamic duo is knowledgeable, passionate, ‘cool’, and they talk about the Kings a lot, regardless of how the team is doing!

They mix real hoops knowledge, with realistic takes. A lot of Kings media members like to … well … really play the ‘negative’ side of the franchise up A LOT. D-LO & KC keep it real, positive, but without going too overboard, which I really enjoy!

And they are one of the best shows to call into, especially if you may be a bit nervous as a ‘long time listener, first time caller.’ Call in! Share a story, take or question! I am glad I have!

The Carmichael Dave Show

The Carmichael Dave Show airs Monday through Friday 6am – 9am on KHTK 1140am radio. Carmichael Dave is the Sacramento Kings ‘Voice of the People’. Literally working his way up from being a passionate caller, to making a career having his own shows! (Well, besides NBA TopShot and Robinhood) …

Dave has passion, local roots, and a ‘regular Kings fan’ vibe that his Sacramento fans LOVE.

Some of those SacTown fans have even created a community in the YouTube chat of The Carmichael Dave Show.

Though the numbers of commenters may change depending on how the Kings are doing in the standings, there are a few OG commenters that always keep Dave on his toes. Rudy, Chris G., a few others … and the glue that holds them all together Christy H. really do make the morning show even better.

Crossover question: What would you cook for Carmichael Dave if he was over for dinner at your house for a Kings game?

Jason Ross and (formerly) Doug Christie in the Afternoon

The afternoon show on KHTK 1140AM included former Sacramento King Doug Christie and Jason Ross air Monday through Friday 3pm – 6pm on KHTK 1140am radio. As I come back to writing this article after a few weeks of editing … Doug Christie has accepted a new role as Sacramento Kings assistant coach! Congrats Doug!

Doug’s last day on the show was Monday, August, 2nd. Who do you want to see added to the afternoon show host lineup? Kayte C.? Deuce and Mo? The already connected, and hardworking, Matt George?

As the years progressed, I really enjoyed listening to Doug Christie. And honestly, that wasn’t always the case. Doug started off with Grant Napear and was learning the radio ropes on the job as he went. Over the past few years, Doug has really dove into his new craft, and has become one of my favorite Kings talking heads!

It goes almost without saying, but I love saying it: Doug is one of the most beloved Sacramento Kings ever!

He was the anchor on defense for ‘the greatest show on court’. The kind of hustle, grit, and toughness Christie displayed on the hardwood has translated well to the ‘booth’. Jason Ross and Doug worked well with each other, using their individual skills and personalites well together. With time and practice, Doug became much more comfortable giving his KNOWLEDGABLE takes, while finding his radio ‘cadence’.

I am excited to see how Doug attacks this next endeavor as a Sacramento Kings assistant coach! Coach Christie has even mentioned he has unfinished business in SacTown and that he wants to help bring an NBA CHAMPIONSHIP to the 916!

I’m IN!

More Kings Chatter to Check Out!

Below, I will list a few of the other shows, authors, and websites I like to peruse to get my Sacramento Kings FIX!

What else would you add to the list?

Deuce and Mo Podcast

Deuce and Mo are EVERYWHERE in Kings nation. They have a mostly daily podcast that can be found on most streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, etc. They also host the Night Chat, which is live after Kings games, and can get … interesting.

Locked On Kings Podcast

Matt George is passionate and his content is well-researched! I usually listen on Spotify or the TuneIn app. What about you?

KHTK 1140 AM articles – Franklin Cartoscelli

Return of the Roar podcast – KHTK 1140AM

NBC Sports CA articles/interviews – James Ham

One of the most ‘dialed in’ Sacramento Kings content creators around!

The Athletic

In my opinion, the best Sacramento Kings written content available. They are nationally and locally connected. That along with being the most frequent posters of articles, which is big time!

Oh yea … I have a few podcast episodes and articles too.

Sactown Crown Report

It’s already an exciting off-season for the Sacramento Kings, make sure and keep up with the latest action, and join the conversation!

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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33 years old - I have been in sports media since 2011. Around 1997, I became a HUGE Sacramento Kings fan ... MJ retired, and I received a Sacramento Kings Kids Club sign-up sheet in the mail... and I've never looked back! GO KINGS!

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