Sacramento Kings Potential Trades and Future Moves

*Link to FULL Article – Sacramento Kings Potential Trades and Future Moves – By: Tom Witt* Just about halfway through the 2020-21 NBA season, and the Sacramento Kings look to be sellers in the NBA trade market. Ahead, I outline a few Sacramento Kings potential trades. As well as some of the possible ‘motives’ behindContinue reading “Sacramento Kings Potential Trades and Future Moves”

Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries Profile

Happy Sunday Subscribers! Have you heard of Sacramento Kings guard, DaQuan Jeffries? I go over his ENTIRE career … from college, NBA G-League star, his shot at the NBA and the future for DaQuan Jeffries! Link to Article: Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries Player Profile How do y’all think DaQuan Jeffries is doing, and how doesContinue reading “Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries Profile”

February Sacramento Kings PREDICTIONS

Greetings all! Check out my Sacramento Kings Predictions – February 2021 See my takes on the TOUGH upcoming schedule for the Sacramento Kings as they navigate their way through the month of January! Check out how my first set of Kings season predictions went! Go Kings! -Tom Witt Follow Sactown Crown Report on Twitter! ALLContinue reading “February Sacramento Kings PREDICTIONS”